1. Scheduling visit

To schedule a visit, you will be making two phone calls to each family: the initial recruiting call and the confirmation call (if the family agrees to participate). Depending on the availability of the mother, you will complete the participant paperwork

1.1 Initial recruiting phone call (option 1/3)

1.2 Initial recruiting voicemail (Option 2/3)

If you reach the family’s voicemail, please leave the following message:

1.3 Initial recruiting email (Option 3/3)

If you will be contacting the family over email, you may use the following template:

2. Establishing visit details

Once you have connected with the family and decided on a visit date, please send the following email to establish the visit details:

3. Confirming a visit (day before the visit)

3.1 Confirmation phone call (Option 1/2)

3.2 Confirmation voicemail (option 2/2)

If you reach the family’s voicemail, please leave the following message:

3.3 Confirmation email

If you have the family’s email address, it is always advisable to send a confirmation email. You may use the following templates:

4. Preparing for Visit

4.1 Pack

Participant payment Flash cards
Answer scales in English & Spanish Paper backups of all questionnaires and forms

4.2 Prepare

  1. Take your own water with you. For the duration of the visit, you will decline any offerings of food or drink.
  2. Take your university ID with you, be prepared to show it if asked.
  3. Dress plainly, modestly, neutrally. Nothing too bright and attractive to children. Try not to wear all black either :)
  4. Avoid strong perfumes and noisy jewelry. The idea is to blend into the background as much as possible.
  5. Be prepared to plan your bathroom breaks around the visit (it will be approx 2.5 hrs long).

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